Where did the name Dee & Yve come from?

Well Dee & Yve (EVE) is short for Denise and Yvette. They are names that have been passed down in my family. In the fall of 2012 a promise was made to the original Denise, that the names would carry on. As being one of the Yvette's a perfect opportunity arose when choosing a name for the line.

What People Are Saying...

"I did feel bossy in them. I loved them!"
Micheala D., model

"Very Nice."
+mj vann

"Beautiful. I can't wait for the tutorial."
+Chasen Magdi

"They made me feel like a fierce business woman, and flattered my curves."
Liz McCormick, model

Rob Gentry

+brandi steward

"Gorgeous, flattering for all ages and lifestyles"
Divi C., client