Saturday, May 18, 2013

Give Away Time

The Dee & Yve website is finally here!!!!!!!!!

I will still be using the blog but more for tutorials and projects for myself. I also have it linked on the website. Take the time to head over and check it out. There is a link to my online store as well. I am thinking, the best way to celebrate the launch is another giveaway!!! This time maybe some Dee & Yve Cash. Check back in the next couple of days to see what it will be.

DIY: Dress, earrings, pencil skirt

How did I make it past Mother's Day without blogging? That was a week full of creativity! I am excited for the projects that came out of it. Instead of telling what was made how about I show you...

 Mother's Day dress for myself. There were more details added after this photo
 No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories. These were made by my niece, who has made an appearance on this blog a time or two.

 This week a random bit of inspiration hit. I wanted a cute tank and a pencil skirt combo. The extra ruffle on the front of the tank is just enough girly pop for me. The print really gets the eyes going.
I love the hanging thread on the white pencil skirt. Hello thread, you will be cut soon. I am still working on the length. 

Until next time...