Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fabric Haul!!!

What do you call it when you climb up the dingy stairs in the middle of the night that lead the attic, just to discover fabrics packed away that were given to you a year ago??????????????

I am still calling it a haul. I know, a haul is when you GO out somewhere and gather a great deal of items. I feel as though that was met when I climbed up there at 11 pm last night(don't judge). Why was I up there? I was bored. There was no other reason. My sis came out to the garage and even questioned. The things you do just because. 

With a move back to the Southwest in my near future, these will come in handy. I am planning on making many new pieces for my wardrobe.

 Any suggestions??????????

Pulled out from the great dark abyss...

Fabric the hubby got me for my bday and our anniversary. Yes we got married on my bday. 

There are more but the photos didn't work with me. Happy sewing/reading/doing!