Friday, April 12, 2013

Road trip extended...

The beauty of the southwest is amazing. There are many places on this earth that allows you the opportunity to sit back in awe of God's work. How I came on this journey without a guitar or fabric amazes me. I am heading to the store today to pick up a notebook. I am needing to write and sketch.

 We have seen many sights. Take a look at the photos...

We hiked down and around
Why is he on the dirty pony? Everyone else had a clean horse.
P.S. The cows wanted me to eat more chik'in
Field of flags in OKC for child abuse victims

Monday, April 8, 2013

Road Trip

Today is the start to the rest of April away from the hubby. I am heading back to the SW. I have missed you. I am all over the place with my final checklist.

I am bringing my discs to show Dee & Yve every chance I get. Who knows there may be plenty of new designs that come from this.

As for now with 3 hours left, a nap is needed along with a decision as to whether or not I think the hubby will put all of the clothes I washed away. Yes, mad dash cleaning fit I know.

Look for design inspiration and trip update posts. Love you lots

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sheet to Capri Pants

The weather is changing and in a winter fit, Goodwill received a hefty amount of clothing. So, with a trip on Monday back to the Southwest, I began to look for things around the house to reuse. This tutorial was birthed after viewing one of Vanessa's of She made her son a pair of pants using a t'shirt and an existing pair of pants.

Materials Needed:
Sheet(s), depending on size and details
Straight Pins
Ruler/Measuring Tape
Sewing Machine

Step 1: How to fold your sheet. Fold the sheet in half the long way. Then fold again the long way. You will have 4 layers of fabric.

Step 2: Take a pair of pants that have minimal stretch to them but still fit comfortably. Fold them in half side seam to side seam. Line up the side seam with the folded edge. Cut around giving yourself about an inch out from the pants in all directions. Do not cut the fold.


Step 3: Pin and sew along the curve edge only using a 1/4 seam allowance

Step 4: Open pants allowing the seams you just made to match up in the center. Those have become your front and back seam. Now Pin along your inseam matching up what you have just completed.
 Yes, I am pushing the lining up for the center seams.
Stitch using 1/2 seam allowance. I went back in with a 1/4 stitch as well. This is also where I added a little marker to show me which side was the bottom.

Step 5: It should be looking like a pair of short pants now! Now we try them on. Yes it should be a little snug over the bottom but we having not finished the waistband yet.  Mark with a pin or chalk where you would like your waist to sit as well as the hem to end.
Sorry no pic for this step

Step 6: Take them off and measure the distance from your marking to the top. Double that and mark on the waist. Then cut that off. I know it seems confusing but just read along with me and it will get better.  Fold the newly cut piece in half wrong sides facing each other and press. Then pin the pressed piece around the waistband raw edges to raw edges. You should have 3 layers of raw edging. Stitch as close as you can to the raw edge. Make sure your center seams are lined up. 
Step 7: Cut 2 slits/holes equal distance from the center seam in the from on the left and right side. Take a Measurement of your hip where the Capri Pants will sit. Add that by half of your measurement. That is the length of your tie. The width of it is determined by how thick your band is at the top of your garment. Stitch together a tube and flip it inside out using your favorite method. I like to press my ends in and top stitch :). Feed the tie through the holes and make a cute bow of your choosing. 

Step 8: Time for the hem. Going back to the marking of where you wanted the hem to be. Fold the bottom up to the line or mark you have and fold again. Press the seam. Then top stitch.

Step 9: And there you have a finished pair of Capri pants. My niece looks very excited to model. 

Get creative and add extra flair to them. Pull out the double needle and stitch around the hem or even add cargo pockets on the side. I am adding pockets to the the front and little button tabs on the bottom sides. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy April 3rd and give-away winners

Sunday was April 1st and some affectionately know it as April Fools Day, but today is the day for the announcing of Dee & Yve Giveaway! When this idea popped into my head to have a give-away, I had no idea the amount of feedback I would receive.

(In my Academy Award voice) You like me, you really like me. Sniff sniff :) Thank you for that moment.

So before we get right into it, I must apologize for being away so long. March was such a crazy month, that I was not ready for. There were meetings with other designers and various collaborations are in the works. I am excited.

Tutorials coming in the next few days...

Mini messenger bag
Perfect day to night shirt dress with side tie

Sheet to pair of Capri pants

You have scrolled all the way down and the winners are:

Karlin M
Hannah Simmons
Isabel Cristina Ferreira

Winners an email has been sent out to you. If I do not receive a response with your contact info you forfeit your winnings and another will be chosen.

Thank you so much for all off the entries. Be on the lookout for the next give-away...