Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back with collaborations

Sorry, I have been away. We have been all over the place with the 4 in 1 week birthdays. We attempted to make all of them but by the 2nd our bodies were done. I was able to make a cake for a pretty awesome 13 year old. I was told to incorporate zebra, dark blue and red velvet. That is nothing, right? Well, here is the final product.

For not having any lights on and it being started in the 5 am hour, this cake is nice. the top was Red Velvet, the Zebra is visible plus, the blue ribbon is a soft touch.

I spoke with a friend who works at Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana. They are holding a Faith Walk and Dee & Yve will be present and doing a prom give-away.

Now, I know there are many people who see beauty in the winter weather. Who doesn't want a winter wonderland...ME! I think it is pretty to look at but even I gave in to the beauty. I called my girl Kathy who runs KIH Designs Photography and headed over with the  hubby. It turns out she thought it was glamorous too.

We ended this weekend with trips all over Community North. That hospital has a nice staff. 

P.S. Whoever did the showers in the Maternity Wing can come over any day.

Monday, March 4, 2013

March Madness

March= Birthdays, Give-Aways, Moving and Weddings

So I am getting all my March birthdays out of the way. I have this number I am working on for one. Why are there 4 in one week?

This fabric is becoming a favorite of mine. Each time I make a piece, I fall for the fabric. Excuse the model, my dress form just doesn't have the curves to fill it out. I will post a pic of her wearing it later.

Don't forget to head over to the Give-away tab and leave a message to get registered in for a free dress of your choice. You can also email your name if you do not have an account that will post. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Dee & Yve Giveaway

This day was full of fun. I sat with my photographer Kathy,, and went over the shots. You can see just by these few that I have some decisions to make. I just might wait until my husband gets back from Atlanta. Be on the look out for the giveaway of dresses. On April 2nd, I will select 3 names from my new followers on my blog and YouTube Channel (A Holi). You will be able to say which design along with color. This is perfect for prom or the wedding season we are in. Tell all of your friends to stop over this way.

I leave you with beauty from the lovely ladies. 
Liz McCormick
Teresa Hesse